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Duccio Maria Gambi
The work of Duccio Maria Gambi (1981) is heterogeneous as heterogeneous is the wide path he explored before opening his studio and workshop in Paris in 2012.
His collection series as well as his tailor-made unique designs are the result of a multidisciplinary training and approach.

Gambi has a strong theoretical background built in particular through seminars and
lectures by Radical Movement architect and artist Gianni Pettena, at Florence Architecture University, and by architect and critic Pierluigi Nicolin, director of Lotus magazine, at the Politecnico in Milan.
He is aware of both the industrial and artisanal constraints and potentials thanks to his
working experiences in design studios and artisan’s workshops. In particular, he mastered
a variety of creative production processes, in a wide range of scales, during a fundamental
yearlong experience working at Atelier Van Lieshout in Rotterdam.

The permanent interest for discarded materials and the recurrent collaboration with French architects active in public installation, led him to cofound “Chapitre 0”, and to be invited, with German collective Makerlab, to hold a workshop, during “Adhocracy” exhibition, curated by Joseph Grima on the occasion of the rst Istanbul Design Biennal in 2012.

Duccio Maria Gambi has exhibited his works in galleries and public institutions throghout Europe.