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Flensted Mouritzen / 2019
No. 1
Plaster, hide glue, pigments, wax
59 diam. / 19 h cm   Limited edition. 6 + 1 ap

No. 2
Plaster, hide glue, pigments, wax
34 diam. / 99 h cm   Limited edition. 6 + 1 ap

No. 3
Plaster, hide glue, pigments, wax
42 diam. / 57 h cm   Limited edition. 6 + 1 ap

The collection Revolve for Nero, exclusively produced by Troels Flensted e Ragna Mouritzen for NERO design gallery , is inspired by architectural structures and ancient stucco materials.
Using a specially turning machine,the two designer , have given rise to unique pieces that reveal a deep link with architecture and in which the shapes tell the origin of materials traditionally used for creating stucco and scagliole.
Each piece begins with a line which reveals its three-dimensionality throught the creation process.
The objects are simoultaneously built and decorated in a process that emphatsizes the use of color in each layer and in which the creative evolution is absolutely evident in the finished work.

The pieces of  Revolve for Nero have sharply defined shapes as well as a sort of intrinsic  ambiguity that allows us to collocate them on undefined boundary , on the border  between functional object and art object.