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Marcello Pirovano / 2017
Special project for Operae 2017 Piemonte Handmade

Lacquered wood , fiberboard

Manufactured by Pavan Arredamenti

96 / 96 / 34,5 cm

unique piece

Porifera Series represents the study of a three-dimensional surface applied to three pieces of furniture: the inspiration behind the name is the world of sponges, belonging to the phylum Porifera, from the Latin “holder of pores". The goal of the project made for Piedmont Handmade - in collaboration with Nero design gallery and Pavan Arredamenti - was to create an artifact that enhance the craftsmanship of the Turinese artisan without using the materials of traditional cabinet-making, but exploring a poor and common product as MDF (medium density fiberboard) through an unconventional process of surface decoration. For this reason, I designed a pattern that is exclusively based on the repetition of holes that was applied to the raw material using a numerical milling-machine. After this manufacturing, each surface was assembled to obtain the external structure of the three containers. Two careful finishing processes - smoothing and varnishing - end the  production to obtain three sculptural blocks - apparently without function - that hide several laminated compartments. Porifera Series consists of a coffee table with drawer [A], a chest with two side openings [B] and a wardrobe [C]. The furniture, once inside the domestic habitat, becomes noise reducing elements thanks to their superficial structure .

Photo credits_PEPE fotografia