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Duccio Maria Gambi / 2019
Auberviliers, Pantin, 4 Chemins   N 48° 54' 13" / E 02° 23' 32"  
Concrete, vintage ceramic tiles  
96 w / 28 d / 42 h cm   unique piece

Bench   N 37° 30' 80" / E 15° 05' 14"  
Concrete, vintage ceramic tiles  
195 w / 35 d / 38 h cm   unique piece

Floor lamp   N 43° 45' 41" / E 11° 14' 36"  
Concrete, vintage ceramic tiles, led light  
106 h / 30 w / 32 d cm   unique piece

Lamp   N 43° 36' 55" / E 11° 34' 16"  
Concrete, vintage ceramic tiles, led light  
200 h / 30 w / 8 d cm   unique piece

Wall lamp   N 43° 45' 41" / E 11° 14' 36" 
Concrete, vintage ceramic tiles, led light  
70 w / 70 h / 7 d cm   unique piece

These new works of Duccio Maria Gambi made exclusively for NERO design gallery  tell us about indelible time.
On the border between individual impression  and historical truth , his open language makes discoveries and reveals itself with insight into the new meeting  between two elements which are themselves “storytellers”  .
There is a permanent whispered tension between  aesthetic austerity of concrete and the soft colour of tiles and at the same time between their  coldness to the touch and their neverending ability to conjure up warm spaces, like  the Paris subway  or the Tuscan houses , which have gathered life stories.
The works of Guerra Fredda have different shapes and sizes in which we can find  an open yet always coherent dialogue  between concrete and tiles.
The synthesis of the two elements becomes a sort of extension of both : the reference to brutalist aestethic blends with human dimension and  finds peace in the wonder of a masterly , surprising , unexepected balance.

The name of the works refer to the geographical coordinates of the places from which the tiles come, redefining and emphasizing the dichotomy between the coldness of the material and its evocative potential.