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Iosselliani Design | Circus Collection

NERO Design Gallery is pleased to announce the presentation of IOSSELLIANI DESIGN / CIRCUS COLLECTION developed in collaboration with Roberta Paolucci, Paolo Giacomelli and Veronica Nobile Mino and designed specifically for the occasion.

The creations IOSSELLIANI DESIGN, played through the unusual reuse of materials, techniques and iconographic repertoires that characterize and have made identifying collections of costume jewelry of the “mother” brand (IOSSELLIANI), are the result of a constant research focused in expanding the fine work done on the micro-scale of the jewel into a wider functional object, with the aim of giving a new and unusual aesthetic sense to everyday items. While recalling the decorative grammar in use in the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean - Byzantine, Norman, Arab and their obsessive repetition, meticulously executed in patterns, either geometric, vegetal or zoomorphic, the distinguishing point of IOSSELLIANI DESIGN is its imagery and the inclusion of the latest inspirations from the international culture of jewelry design as well as from the collectible decorative objects of the XX and XXI century. In contrast with its attraction to tradition and the ability to skillfully reinterpret the different prerogatives, aesthetic and manufacturing, the bold sensitivity of IOSSELLIANI DESIGN is for contemporary culture, the stylization of the lines, the rigorous organization of decorative patterns, taking inspiration from the combination of advanced lighting solutions (LED and related power systems) with classic materials (18K gilded bronze, African marble, Portoro, black and white marble from Aquitaine, zirconia and silk) the perfect synthesis between esprit de finesse and esprit de géométrie . From intuition, sense, sensibility and expertise, as well as from the acrobatic balance between the confused “circus” vitality of the decorative elements and the austere character of the classic design, small miracles of creativity are born, presented in the exhibition as voted objects to mark significantly the domestic scene of a modern interior and magically changing its atmosphere.

The objects of the CIRCUS COLLECTION are contoured on the cylindrical shapes used for the jewelry casting process. Over a hundred panther’s heads and skulls, two of the most distinctive icons for IOSSELLIANI constitute the dense decorative pattern that continuously surrounds at 360 ° the entire body of each object, attracting the gaze within a charmingly hypnotic vertigo. The CIRCUS COLLECTION consists of 2 pairs of table lamps, one with the panther’s head as decorative motif, the other one made of skulls, both in gilded 18K brass (Unlimited edition); 2 candlesticks with the skulls’ pattern made (Unlimited edition); 2 table mirrors, 1 gunmetal plated with a base in African marble, the other one plated in 18K gold and a Portoro marble base (Ed. 12 by type).

Photo credits_Chiara Vettraino

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