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BLOCK 8 , Zuperfici collection
Duccio Maria Gambi / 2021

Luserna stone, fitted carpet

55 w / 50 d / 26 h cm

Unique piece

Zuperfici is a collection that investigates the attitude of an object through its surfaces.
The starting point has been the plastic laminate, a very thin layer of artificial material that changes and normally hides the wooden structure on which is glued.
Through this operation the surface, or better said the interface between the object and user, is specified to a different attitude, is a localized protection and incrementation of the object character.
in Zuperfici Blocks of Luserna stone are transposed from a plain and mineral essence to a domesticated object specified in its function by the surface material .
What is activated is an exchange between the two worlds, the mass and the surface, the natural and the artificial.
Surfaces change the blocks attitude and the blocks shapes render the profile of the carpet and laminate over it.
in the three presented objects there's an endless succession of natural/original and modified/artificial.